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Youth Section availability

Youth Section availability

David Glennister3 Jan - 13:15
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Looking for a space for your child at our club? Please read this first.

Horley Town FC Youth current availability (January 2024)

Mini’s Development Centre (Year 1/Reception) – Sept to Apr, please enquire for space availability.

U7’s (Year 2) – 2 teams (1 x level 2, 1 x level 3, both FULL), see waiting list details below.

U8’s (Year 3) – 3 teams (1 x level 1, 2 x level 2/3, all FULL), see waiting list details below.

U9’s (Year 4) – 3 teams (1 x level 1, 1 x level 2, 1 x level 2, all FULL), see waiting list details below.

U10’s (Year 5) – 3 teams (1 x level 1, 2 x level 2, all FULL), see waiting list details below.

U11’s (Year 6) – 1 team (level 1, FULL), see waiting list details below.

U12’s (Year 7) – 2 teams (1 x level 2, 1 x level 3, both FULL), see waiting list details below.

U13’s (Year 8) – 1 team (level 2, FULL), see waiting list details below.

U14’s (Year 9) – sadly, no team at this level, strong players can play up 1 year (U15’s not recruiting).

U15’s (Year 10) – 1 team (level 2, FULL), not recruiting currently as over-subscribed.

U16’s (Year 11) – sadly, no team at this level.

U18’s – 1 team (level 1, FULL), see waiting list details below.

U23’s – 1 team (level 1), please email the U23 Head Coach at

Level 1 teams - will only recruit higher standard players (as they play in a high-level league)
Level 2 teams - will mainly recruit players of high/medium standard (mid-level league)
Level 3 teams - will recruit all levels of player incl. some development (low-level league)

Goalkeepers – it’s always worth contacting us if your child is a goalkeeper, as some teams rotate outfield players in goal and may agree to take on a permanent keeper.

Applying to join HTFC Youth (including waiting lists)

If you would like to enquire about a space for your child (check the above first), please email us at We need ALL the following details from you when applying (please copy, paste, and complete in your email):

1. Child’s Full Name -
2. Child’s Date of Birth (DD/MM/YY) –
(Need to check the correct age group)

3. Parent Contact Number -

4. Town you currently reside in –
(If there is a large waiting list, we can let you know and advise local clubs)

5. Please advise us of your child's playing experience -
(Brief description of current/former teams, clubs/courses attended etc. so we can ascertain a suitable team for your child)

6. Preferred playing position(s) -

7. Anything else you feel we need to be aware of -
Once you have sent through the above details, we will contact you when a space becomes available. Please note that we cannot give you an ETA if on the waiting list - it depends on when a spot opens, usually via another player leaving or when squad sizes expand at certain age groups (note - more spaces generally open at the end of each season in May). Some teams do occasionally take on training players in preparation for squad sizes increasing and will reach out if they have space (unfortunately we don't have the capacity to take on every player, we wish we could!).

Local Football Courses (usually available up to U12/13)

We recommend as much football as possible for young players either via coaching or just getting them playing with family and friends, especially those who are brand new to football. For players on our waiting list, we recommend parents book local football courses, so children hit the ground running when they join. For children in Year 2 or above who are just starting out, we strongly recommend a basic footballing course before applying to any club. Beyond Year 1 at Horley Town our focus is on match-based football, so we focus on developing beyond the basic skills. Whilst we (and some other clubs) do have teams in more development leagues, all children in those teams will have basic skill level, so it is essential that your child is comfortable in passing, dribbling, and tackling.

If your child needs to learn these basics or wants to develop further whilst waiting for a space to open at HTFC, we recommend our local partners VSA and Be Active Be Happy, who run regular group sessions, one to one coaching and school holiday football camps: Contact is Dan Pedley Contact is George Hyde

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